HELP FIGHT THE BATTLE TO SAVE THE COROMANDEL - IT’S TOO PRECIOUS TO MINE!​ Throughout the 80’s and 90’s The Coromandel and indeed many parts of New Zealand ( including Department of Conservation land and National Parks ) were under threat from international mining companies. These multinationals wanted to reopen historical mining areas, but this time with modern, large scale operations.

The mining law back then was a relic of colonial days. Miners were given everything they found with little or no protection for landowners or the environment.

Coffee LaLa did not exist then, Mark and I were busy making wood fired, stoneware pottery in what was the tiny, isolated beach settlement of Kuaotunu, population around 50. With other locals and with huge support from holidaymakers who love this place, we formed a group dedicated to uniting communities all over The Coromandel to stop this multinational take over.

The idea of a Green Spot came from Tim Heraud and Ley MacAssey. They painted large green Spot posters for shops to display in their front windows to show their support for not mining in this area. Later we ran a co-op eco shop called The Green Spot – selling tee shirts and goods and providing information about mining. It closed when the building was demolished for what is now Fagans Furniture.

We won our two decade battle, changing much unfair legislation, staging non violent protests every time a drill rig showed up in our communities and peace reigned until recently. With the price of gold increase and many new licences being issued under the last governments watch – we are under siege once again!

Currently areas like Whangamata, Opoutere, Kuaotunu, Whangapoua and the Karangahake are of interest to mining companies.

STOP PRESS: A War On Nature

You will have heard that the government is introducing fast track legislation now – a ‘One Stop Shop’ for all kinds of activities.

This legislation will allow corporations & companies to bypass environmental protections and democratic process and allow just three ministers to approve their developments without having to go through the usual checks and balances that are in place to protect nature. Most Kiwis care deeply about looking after our precious environment – native bush, conservation estates, wetlands, ocean and wildlife.

Coromandel is now open to large scale foreign miners once again just like in the 80’s & 90’s!

We must stop this!!

Check out Coromandel Watchdog Of Hauraki’s website for more detail.

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