For a fairer deal for the coffee farmers and the future of coffee production all our blends have a percentage of Trade Aid guaranteed minimum price beans. This means we pay a bit more for our coffee, but it’s fairer.

This means a better income for green bean farmers so they and their families can continue in this industry and not be mucked about by the share market and the whims of large corporates.

(From Justin Purser Food manager Trade Aid Importers NZ)

For the millions of small-scale coffee producers who produce much of the world’s coffee, the prices they routinely receive for their product do not cover their costs of production. Fair trade contracts address this problem by assuring that coffee producer organisations always receive a guaranteed minimum price that protects them from very low market pricing.

With global coffee prices having remained very low in recent years, and with production costs continuing to increase at farm level, many fair trade coffee farmers are calling for export prices that exceed even this fair trade minimum guaranteed price. Without higher pricing, they state, they cannot hope to sustain a living from coffee production. Responding to this call, we are now routinely buying coffee that offers coffee producers higher minimum price guarantees.

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