LALA LAND CRAFT BEER on tap at the Pour House in Hahei.

Neil of The Coromandel Brewing Company Pourhouse Bar in Hahei has LA LA LAND CRAFT BEER on tap this summer, it is a coffee and vanilla cream ale brewed from Coffee LaLa cold brewed coffee.

For the coffee purest there is a whole range of cold filtration methods. At LaLa we decided to try a much simpler version for the Pour House beer. 70grams of filtered ground coffee in a bottle with 1 litre of fresh water, leave over night, pour through a filter.

You can use this liquid in your own home brew, or simply pour it straight over ice, with or without sugar and cream, it all tastes great at summer time.

We recommend using our milder blends either LaLa or Organic. It also works well with our single origin Columbian (contact us for a custom blend)

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